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You need it five minutes ago? We've made this special gift list of things that are available 24-7, even if it's 2:00 (AM or PM) on a holiday.
Gifts available right now! Instant Spa Gift Card by Email! Gifts you can get now!
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Amazon Gift Cards
Give them what they really want - good for thousands of products - email or printable and they don't expire.
from 5.00
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Walmart Email Gift Cards
Walmart has great selection of egift cards for any occasion. Send a gift by email now.
from 15.00
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Audible Gifts
Audiobooks (device compatable) gift memberships or individual titles, available now.
from 7.49
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Gifts you can get now! Gifts you can get now! Gifts you can get now!
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Omaha Steaks Gift Cards
Treat them to great food now. Instant gift cards by email
from 5.00
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ITunes Gift Certificates
Your recipients can instantly download music, movies, tv shows and more. Email or printable.
from 10.00
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Get it Now Gift Certificates
Give the Getaway Gift Card, good at B&Bs throughout the US and Canada.
from 25.00
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In a Gift Emergency, All Gift Cards are not Created Alike!
In a "Gift Emergency", a gift card may sound perfect, but only if you're able to send it NOW. Many gift cards can only be purchased physically in stores and sent by postal mail. It's clear that it will be some time before one of these gets to your recipient- longer than you happen to have at this time.

A better solution should be e-gift certificates and e-gift cards. You can send them directly to your recipient, or email them to yourself and print them out. Either way, they would be available with the speed of email, right?

Wrong. A gift certificate or card by email takes as long as it takes to process your payment. The quickest cards use an automatic processing system where the software actually processes the payment. This is the soution for you - you place your order and the egift is available for email or printing..

Lately, more and more email gift cards seem to depend on manual processing. This means a real person must process the order before it can be sent. With manual processing you can take it for granted that email gift cards will only be available during regular business hours.

But wait - it gets slower! Some places are really good about getting those e-certificates out within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Gift cards, however, are not a priority for most business. Sometimes it seems as if they are the last task for someone to do. You place your order, and wait, and wait ... and find you might as well have mailed it.

How to tell the difference? There really is no easy way. Gift certificates are not high on most business' hot seller list, and they're an afterthought with many.

So the best way to find an egift card that processes fast is to check our Gift Emergency page. We've checked these offers by having someone place an order during off hours or holidays and reporting the results. A Gift Emergency solution only makes this page if it passes that test.

So the last-minute gift ideas on the Gift Emergency pages are ready in minutes. Once in awhile a payment process may change before we catch it. If you ever find that any suggestion on this page no longer processes right away, please let us know by sending us an email. Tell us which business it was and what happened. We really appreciate your effort in helping keep the Gift Emergency page useful for people who seriously need to take action fast.