Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the time limits for same day delivery?
A: SAME DAY DELIVERY cutoff limits vary with each merchant. We try to state the cutoff time in our product features. For the very latest information, go to the merchant's site and read the "fine print" - Shipping, Customer Service, About Us are some possible headings to look under.

Q.It's Sunday. Can I still get Same Day Delivery?
A: For most of the US and Canada, Same Day Delivery is available Monday through Saturday, not Sundays or Holidays. Occasionally Sunday delivery is available for certain products in certain locations. If you think this might be the case, go on the merchant's site and read their policies.
For Gift Emergencies on Sundays and holidays, certain Gift Certificates (and our Gift Announcements) are available 24-7. Check the for more information.

Q: What's the difference between Get it Now and Announce it Fast?
A: GET IT NOW Means just that. Nothing more to wait for - as soon as payment is recorded, you've got it.
          You may have purchased a gift certificate - you can print it out or email the code. Tickets? Some can be printed out or the access sent in email form. Digital product? As soon as you receive access information you can use it online, download it or print it. ANNOUNCE IT FAST - A gift is on the way and you want your recipient to know that.
          Perhaps it's a personalized gift that's going to take time to customize, or a gift that can't be shipped fast enough to arrive in time for the occasion. Maybe it's out of stock. Or it's a gift-of-the-month which will keep coming throughout the year. Whatever the holdup is, a Gift Announcement is the perfect solution.

Q: What days is Overnight Delivery available?
A: That depends on who is delivering the gift. Shipping policies will depend on the carrier - usually UPS or Fed-Ex. Check the merchant's site for details. Deliveries are generally made Monday through Friday. Saturday delivery is often available for an extra charge.

Q: I have a Gift Emergency! Can you really get the stuff on your Gift Emergency page NOW??
A: Yes. The internet can be a Big Slow Lonely Place when you're in a hurry. We've been out there and brought back the fastest, most reliable gift ideas we can find for this section.

Q: The link I clicked on didn't work right.
A: Sometimes links change fast. If you try to access a Speed Feature and it doesn't work like it should,
1. if you've made any input before the problem came up, "Make Haste Slowly" for just a moment - check the spelling, punctuation, etc.
2. Go to your next choice.
3. Let us know when you have time, so we can fix the problem.

Q: What does DIY mean?
A: DIY means Do-It-Yourself. Some people just love to create beautiful things - they're naturally "crafty". Others are anything but, they're just totally desperate!
Our DIY Section is more for the desperate group - we have some quick & easy suggestions here that can produce nice gift ideas for even the most "craft-challenged" of us. Hopefully we're not totally ignoring the talented crafter- they might take one of our humble suggestions and create a work of art.

Q. I want to print out a page of a pdf document, not the whole thing! How can I do that?
A. Our PDF printables have tables of contents with the pages listed.
Look up the item you want to print and print only that page. Example- you have a 6 page file, and you only want page 3.  Instruct your printer to "Print page 3" or "Print page 3 to 3". Printer instructions can vary, if you're not sure how your's works, check your printer documentation for details.

Q. I want to print out a page of a pdf document, but there are no page numbers or they're not the same as what the printer prints.
A.  Adobe Acrobat, Reader, and Preview all show the actual page numbers of
the document.  Find the page you want, see what page is listed in your
Reader, and print that page.

Q. I need to print a gift certificate but they only offer email certificates.
A.  Have the gift certificate emailed to yourself, and print it out.

Q.  I want to order an email gift certificate and have it emailed in two weeks, not yet. Can I order ahead or do I have to remember to do it in two weeks?
A.  Go ahead and order while you think of it. Some places will let you specify what date the email goes out.
If they don't feature that option, Have the gift certificate emailed to yourself. Forward it to your recipient on the date you would like it sent.

Q. I want to send a product but they don't offer gift options.  How can I send this without the receiver seeing the price on the invoice?
A.  Have the product mailed to yourself, repackage and send to your recipient.
Send a gift announcement to let them know it's coming.

Q. How can I buy a downloadable ebook as a gift?  
A. First, read the fine print and make sure you're allowed to download or make a copy.
As soon as you have made your purchase,
1) Download the item, get a physical copy of it plus any username/password/access codes.
2) Burn the ebook to a CD. 
3) Use a Gift Announcement or Gift Membership form to fill in the access code information
for your recipient.
4) Then change your email to the email of the recipient, so they get any future bonuses or newsletters.

Q. How can I give someone a gift membership to a web site?  
A.  Membership sites require login codes.  When you pay for the membership, you'll get the access information which includes things like username, password, login codes.
Include the information in an email or printable Gift Announcement, and your recipient will be able to log in and use the site.

Q.  How can I give an audiobook or music in audio or mp3 form?
A. Download it to your computer, and burn it to a CD.  Some places have special formatting to do this and you can even print professional graphics for your jewelcase or cover.  

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